Teaching Assistant Program — Coming Soon!

Beginning in January 2007, we will launch a new Teaching Assistant Program. Mr. Christopher Mah, an alumnus of the Betty Haag Academy and Dartmouth College, will be our first Teaching Assistant. “Mr. Mah” recently joined Google as AdWords Coordinator, and is a highly trained violinist, former soloist with the Magical Strings of Youth on concert tours to three different continents, and former member of Dartmouth’s Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

We’re honored and so lucky to have Chris involved with our program!

Just a few words on the purpose of the Teaching Assistant Program…

  • To provide a “bridge” between weekly lessons
  • To improve the effectiveness of parent-led home practice sessions by providing additional reinforcement of the concepts introduced in the weekly lessons
  • To experience an additional perspective from another respected individual sharing the Betty Haag tradition and reflecting The Music Within Us philosophy

Both Chris and I view this program as a collaborative effort to help each student achieve his or her individual goals over time. We both know the ingredients of good playing, and the importance of a strong foundation at the early stages.


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