Golf versus Violin

I’ve recently become a student again in golf, an endeavor which does not come at all naturally to me, and to which I’ve had to dedicate myself to practicing in order to experience enjoyment.

Here are some reasons why I believe learning to play golf is similar to violin:

  1. Posture and position are fundamental.
  2. Mindfulness is necessary for improvement.
  3. Discipline leads to mastery and enjoyment.
  4. The challenges never end.
  5. It’s so much more than “how far did the ball go” or “how many songs do you play”.
  6. Giving and receiving instruction is a hands-on process, requiring feeling as well as words to direct the mind-body connection.
  7. Purposeful practice is much more beneficial than mindless repetition.
  8. Attitude toward learning is rewarded in the long run.

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