Dr. Chu’s Shoes

You might wonder about the source of inspiration for my commitment to high-heeled shoes (and skirts) when I teach. Well, I admit that at heart, I’m a girl’s girl, and I love shoes, clothes and jewelry.

But I also remember very vividly as a child admiring Mrs. Haag’s meticulously matching high-heeled shoes and suits that she always wore for teaching. In fact, my jaw dropped the first time I visited her home and she was in slippers (they were high-heeled ones). I still can’t recall ever seeing her in slacks, other than on the rare sightseeing days on concert tours. I now believe that these details contributed to her ability to earn the respect of her students. She did disclose to me recently that she has always believed that how one dresses for an occasion demonstrates one’s level of respect for that occasion. Since she respects her students, she dresses meticulously for every encounter with them.

So why do I remain committed to my shoe collection and dressing professionally for my students? It’s not only what I love, but it’s also part of the teaching methodology!


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