Some of my favorite things

Here’s my version of the list of things I just love:

  • really nice stationery
  • the perfect shoes (for the perfect outfit and occasion)
  • a really beautiful and delicious buffet at someone’s home during winter
  • the sound of my father’s laugh
  • being able to trust someone
  • a really great, sweaty workout while on vacation
  • Mighty Leaf tea (almost any flavor)
  • fresh” brand lemon soap/shower gel
  • the look in a child’s eyes when they know they have done something to be proud of, or when they discover something for the first time
  • popcorn with M&Ms (try tossing them in when the popcorn is piping hot!)
  • attending a really passionate performance in anything (music, dance, theater) by a non-professional group (meaning, not what they do for a living)
  • local small business owners trying to do something true to themselves
  • large neverending bowls of caffe latte on a Sunday
  • farmers’ markets
  • pimientos de padron
  • the perfect bread
  • the reverence for food in western Europe and Asia, unlike anything we can experience regularly in this country
  • being around peaceful, joyful people
  • telling the truth
  • watching the late-night, against-all-odds finishers of the Hawaii IronMan Triathlon (or witnessing any moments of profound personal triumphs of the human spirit)
  • movies depicting underdog sports teams’ paths to glory

One Response to Some of my favorite things

  1. dancerk says:

    I accidentally found your blog while searching for references to The Music Within Us. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the various subjects chosen.
    We have many favorites in common…interesting. I am a huge fan of citrus scents, so I’ll be trying to find the lemon shower gel you’ve mentioned.
    Nice to learn more about you.

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