Patience during the threshold stage of learning

This past week I felt myself make a first step beyond what I consider “crawling” and into the “threshold” with respect to my golf swing. I fully acknowledge that “a golf swing does not a golf game make,” but it is an important first step! I recognized the emergence of the threshold stage by the fact that I experienced my first day on the practice range where I could hit the ball correctly more than 90% of the time. Right now I define “correctly” as executing some basic fundamentals that I have been working on with my golf pro. For all of you violin parents out there, a violin analogy for my level of golf mastery would be that I am just showing that I can play See Saw.

I was very happy to experience this first “90% day” on the range (so happy, in fact, that I shared this moment with my golf pro), but I am also aware that now is a very important time for me to keep practicing and also continue receiving consistent instruction. I anticipate that I will experience a period of inconsistency as my body and mind keep learning to integrate their actions, and that I shouldn’t be discouraged by what may appear to be regression from day to day. I’m entering the phase where many people might stop progressing because they feel they’ve “gotten it” and are ready to go out and play, or are discouraged by the apparent lack of consistent forward progress. But I am determined to stick it out so I can experience that joy of 90% consistency each time I go to the practice range…I’m so glad to be living in California, where the golf season lasts year round!


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