Another one of my favorite workouts is a group indoor cycling class called “Spinning”. It emerged on the health club scene in the late 1990s and is now offered at most gyms. I have been Spinning since I was in medical school and I still love a tough instructor who leads a grueling ride set to motivational music. What I notice about my mind during these group classes is how easy it is to “drift off” into another zone, to be preoccupied with the day’s plans, and to shortchange myself of the maximum benefits of the class. On the days when I can focus my mind on the workout and push myself to the music, I know I’m getting a better physical workout.

Luckily, my favorite Spinning instructor, Gordon at Fitness101, likes to call people out on their laziness during class…nothing like a little public embarrassment to get the legs moving! It’s interesting that even at the gym, a little mindfulness can make a big difference.

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