Postlude on Residency Weekend 2007

Residency Weekend Group Photo in SF

What a great weekend it was! Thanks to the support and involvement of so many of The Music Within Us families, our first Residency Weekend was a huge success for everyone involved.

On the first day, as the students accompanied me in my teaching, I was immediately struck by the sense that what Mrs. Haag really created was a “mini civilization” with inherited values, rituals, culture, and language. With our shared “heritage”, all of her students who lived through the process from toddler through teenage years are part of an extended “family” of sorts.

Things went so smoothly that even I was able to enjoy myself. Preparing for and giving the concert was really exhilarating. To be part of a performance filled with our favorite music in the intimate setting of a lovely home, and to be among my own students, brought me deeply personal joy. I also discovered another fine musician in our pianist, Dmitriy Cogan, who is sure to be a collaborator going forward. We were so fortunate to have found him!

What impressed me most was our visiting high school seniors’ maturity and level of self-awareness during their panel discussion on Saturday. They had much wisdom to share with the parents, and it was remarkable for me to hear many of the central points of The Music Within Us philosophy echoed so eloquently by these young people. No matter what paths they choose to take in life, they are well-equipped with the tools of self-discipline, belief in their own ability to overcome great challenges through persistent effort, and a love of music that they will pass on to others.

I dedicate this weekend to our teacher, Mrs. Haag, and our parents, who together made everything possible for all of us.


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