Topics from today’s repertoire class

In the 9:45AM class I will be reviewing certain key fundamentals with parents at each repertoire class during first semester. Here are the points from today’s topics. 


Feet go together in rest position. When playing, the feet must always come apart to the same stance, shoulder width apart so that the body weight can be balanced. This width will also allow in the future the natural transfer of weight between the two feet during playing.

Make sure the right foot does not go behind the body. If you look at the toes, they will be pointed approximately at 45 degrees and the left foot will be SLIGHTLY ahead of the right foot but not by much.

The belly button always faces forward (the audience).


At the frog: triangle (bow arm makes two short sides of the triangle)

In the middle: square

At the point: triangle (bow arm makes one long side of the triangle)

Tool: play while lying on ground and turned to right side. Nose, scroll and left shoulder point toward ceiling. Parent makes sure the left shoulder stays in this position during playing. Child makes sure the bow does not touch the bow guide.


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