Putting the Meaning Back

February 23, 2008

In our performance- and results-oriented culture, how do we put the meaning back into our daily lives? How do we attempt to create an environment for our children that values hard work, loyalty to people, and pride in the integrity of earnestly working toward a larger goal (versus achievement of the goal at all costs)? Read the rest of this entry »


Be in the Now

February 3, 2008

“I thought it was pretty good, but athletes don’t think about history when making history. They think about what they’re doing, and that’s how it gets done.”
NADIA COMANECI, the Romanian gymnast, on the routine that won her a perfect score at the 1976 Olympics.

“I never even mentioned trying to win games to my teams. I did talk about perfection. I said it was not possible. But I said it’s not impossible to try for it. That’s what we did in every practice and game.”

John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach

Here is a link to today’s New York Times article on perfection in sports.