Photos from Chicago

May 2, 2008

We had another very successful trip to Chicago…we’re all recovering from our late-night flights home earlier this week!

Here are photos from the four days of activities:

I took a straw poll of the students’ favorite part of the trip, and by far the greatest number of votes went to CHUCK E. CHEESE’S, where Mrs. Haag-Kuhnke hosted the children for a pizza party and all the games they could play on Friday after our master class. (Other votes went to “playing the violin” and “the swimming pool”). Later, the whole group visited Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago, before having another rehearsal that evening.

The concert was another amazing display of the results one can achieve with belief, determination, and hard work over many years. Even after participating in 14 concerts and now watching 4 of them as an adult backstage, I am still in awe of the collective achievement represented by this performance, and the fact that it has been presented each year consecutively for 33 years.

I felt Mrs. Haag-Kuhnke was back to the person I remember as a child, running a tight ship and demanding excellence from every single student, even down to the youngest players of “See Saw’. As a result, the “See Saw” performance was one of the most disciplined I have seen in the past four years. More inspiration for me to expect greater things from my students all the time!