Movie screening: Wayne Dyer’s “Ambition to Meaning”

It’s time to go deep. What are the lessons of living that are most essential to pass on? How are we serving as living examples of the values we most want our children to remember about us?

Join us for a free screening of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s new movie, Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purpose (click on link to view the trailer).

Date: Monday, March 2, 2009

Time: 6:00PM Doors Open, Social Time, Light Refreshments
7:00PM Movie Screening Begins (duration: approx. 2 hours)
9:00PM DVD sales, Optional discussion time

Location: The Music Within Us, 2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 150, Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: (650) 325-2194

This event is offered for free and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

The film is an illuminating, thought-provoking exploration of the spiritual journey of life, featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer as himself, and several character-driven stories to illustrate his messages, set in beautiful Monterrey, California.

If you are curious about the spiritual path, or the search for greater meaning in our everyday lives, or even if you are a skeptic, this will be a stimulating evening for you!

Read on for a blurb from your host for the evening, Lisa Chu.

I founded The Music Within Us almost five years ago based on the belief that music training can positively impact all aspects of children’s lives and empower them to reach their highest potential in any field. As I’ve grown through the process of starting and building this learning community, it has become my teacher in so many ways.

I have affirmed my original belief that every child has unknowable, limitless potential within them from the moment of birth. I have discovered that the empowerment of parents with the insight, awareness and tools to support a nurturing environment for their children’s development is potentially the greatest gift we can offer the next generation. I have confirmed that I am myself a lifelong learner, constant in my commitment to pursuing my own highest potential in each season of life.  Even as the community evolves and pushes me to think differently about the path ahead, I strive to incorporate all of my life’s experiences in my teaching and to help illuminate greater possibilities for each learner in The Music Within Us community. This event is the first of its kind hosted by The Music Within Us, and we open our learning circle to you!


Lisa Chu, M.D., Founder & Executive Director, The Music Within Us

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